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Week Ahead:

Adelaide Oval was absolutely magic last Saturday, even if the Crows did have the collective ball-handling skills of a lesbian in that last quarter fadeout. The Western Bulldogs have joined the Blues n Roos in lobbying the AFL to finally allow Good Friday to become Great Friday. ‘Bout time too, to disallow a hot [...]


As we get ready for a galloping start to the Punters Club Cup, we’ve mustered up a few of Australia’s well-known journos and sports lovers to throw their hats in the ring. This celebrity punters club comprises of the following sterling individuals:
• Tom Chadwick (Fox Sports)
• Alex Hart (Channel 7)
• Pete McDonald (Channel 9)
• Tom Rehn (Channel 9)
• Tom Steinfort [...]

PC News:

Two articles appeared this week which together provide plenty of promise for Punt Club’s plans for world domination (OK if not world domination, then spreading punters club love like a religion through less enlightened corners of the globe).
The first article is a legal one.
The US has been off limits to us because of two laws [...]

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