Put your Money Where Your Mouse Is – Punt Club

Punt Clubs, or Punters Clubs have been around for years, but it has always been a massive pain in the arse to run them. It’s practically impossible to keep tabs on who’s paid, who’s betting, when, where and on what.

Start a PuntClub, invite your friends, and start betting towards a goal. It’s that easy.

PuntClub.com scraps all that palaver and lets club members bet in one easy online location – and we keep track of all the details.  You’ll be able to bet on all the same sports and at the same prices as our fully licensed betting partners, and even put that money towards club trips to the races, the footy finals, or even a world cup in some far flung, bikini infested, corner of the world.

But reading about it isn’t going to get you far, so put your money where your mouse is and start a club. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done. Then after you’ve done that, have a gander at what’s happening this week in the wonderful world of sports betting.