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Bet with your mates @

September 24, 2021

Despite an imposter appearing on the scene, Punt Club is the original and still the best when it comes to group betting through a punters club. Sportsbet might have thrown Bill Gates’ divorce settlement at their take on our product, but imitation is the greatest form of flattery and in our unbiased opinion, we’ve got them covered by the length of the Flemington straight. Don’t believe us? Sign up below and take us for a spin – and did we mention it’s free?

p.s. No product is perfect and we’ve got a long list of enhancements to come, but if it helps compare apples to apples there’s a visual summary below, and a much more detailed product comparison at the bottom.


Starting a club with either is as easy as doing your cooter on the NZ gallops before the first in Sydney on a Saturday. Both follow the same process of creating an account (if you don’t have one, but of course YOU do) or linking your existing account to a punters club, then invite mates and fund. While Bet With Mates deserves kudos for simplicity, it seems nobody else can join the club after the first bet has been placed, so anybody with a trigger finger could pretty much ruin it for others wanting to join.


The fun part. Placing bets is a breeze with both, where you can place any bet you could possibly think of and have full access to the betting products in racing, sports and novelty markets (including ODDS BOOSTS and promos). Sportsbet have the tech budget of Microsoft and that’s evident when placing bets, everything is all on site and a similar experience to your personal betting account. While Punt Club can’t compete with the dollar spending, you don’t really notice that, as it is easy to transition from the app/website to Ladbrokes betting site, who we use for all wagers. 


As my partner keeps harping on about – “communication is key..”

Both systems notify you of bet placement and results near instantly. Sportsbet seems to have assumed you’re already using WhatsApp or Messenger (or ANOM if you’re dishing out more than tips) which is OK, but feels a bit disjointed if you’re not commenting directly on the bet. Punt Club lets you comment on bets and take the piss out of each other on the club wall, post GIFS, links, emojis etc. While a bit clunkier than Facebook, the banter makes for an enjoyable experience, as long as you’re winning. Mercy on your soul if you’re not and your mates – or Punt Club’s resident bot – start hanging shit on you. 


Anyone who has run a punters club knows of the ballache that are spreadsheets and handling money. Both are great for the placing of bets and ridding yourself of the stress and struggles of updating spreadsheets. The one MAJOR difference is Punt Club posts your ROI on the club wall, which is great when you are winning, but something your eyes try to avoid when having a rough trot. The added touch of the Punt Club goals section that allows you to nominate a ‘Club Goal’ – a few favorites of ours are a Cox Plate trip and a 5% share in a horse (still yet to race/win!). I’m not sure if Sportsbet is legally able to offer such things but it is a clear point of difference between the two.


The one knock I would have on Bet With Mates is the lack of security when it comes to who can bet, and how much they can bet in the club. There’s no stopping ‘Mad Dog’ getting blind on a Saturday night and dusting all your club cash in the last at Turfontein. Punt Club avoids this by issuing a captain, who like Tugga Waugh in the 2000’s, runs the show. When starting a club with Punt Club you nominate how much you can bet per betting period and there is a separation of funds between the “kitty account” (not linked to betting account) and the “betting account”. The skipper can reload the betting account from the kitty account at any time but I like the extra security of Mad Dog not being able to blow the bank. Who invited him anyways?

In summary, while this won’t be published in any peer reviewed medical research journal, it definitely proves that money can’t buy you love, and no matter how deep Sportsbet’s pockets are they’ve missed the mark a touch. And while simplicity is often good, it renders this product usable without being 5 gold stars. We’d call it putting lipstick on a pig, but even the lipstick is missing.