T20 World Cup 2020

Every Match, Every Ground, Every City. That's Right it's Marvellous.



Event Date

21st Feb 2021


1 day


$375 per person

T20 Fixtures

Organizing your Mates can be like herding cats but it's well worth it to be a part of the biggest event in modern cricket, and why not choose your own hospitality package while you're at it (private suites, open air boxes, Club 20/20 and many other choices available). Who says you shouldn't try to hit every delivery for six? Imagine waiting five days for that post-match beer anyway...

Check out the pics for a few examples (prices are per person) but every match is on offer and every package includes booze and food to enhance the mood. Our local heroines hit the fields from the 21st of Feb to the 8th of March while the boys will be on the tonk from the 18th of October until the 15th of November.

That's right it's M-A-R, V-E-L, L-O-U-S.


Per Person

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