How it works – Punt Club

Punt Clubs Just Got Easier

Punt Clubs have been around forever, they’ve just been hard to run. makes setting up and running a Punt Club, or Punters Club, dead easy.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Start a Club
  2. Invite your friends
  3. Start betting

With traditional ‘offline’ Punt Clubs the rules can vary a little from club to club, but by and large they generally follow a similar pattern. Someone starts the club (the Captain), invites their friends to join, and sets up either a bank account or bookie account, and everyone chips in a fixed amount every week. Club members then take turns, nominally one member at a time, betting on behalf of the club each week.

A winning punter gets another week in the limelight, while a loser find their way to the back of the queue to await another shot at peer group glory.

As you can imagine – and as anyone who’s run a Punt Club will tell you – this is an administrative nightmare. Trying to keep tabs on who’s paid up, who’s bet it is, what they bet on, and how much the club is owed, is all but impossible unless you’re an accountant. Throw in trying to manage group travel bookings and you might as well call Ashley and Martin for all the hair you’ll have left at the end of it.That Punt Clubs still thrive in spite of this is testament to how much fun they are.

And then there was – our friendly beer swilling software engineers have taken care of this headache for you, and now you can spend those valuable brain cells on acidic wit and banter to post on the Commentary Box as you follow the ups and downs of the club fortunes.

Get an email or SMS reminder when it’s your turn to bet, make your selection at, and sit back as messages fly forth to inform your fellow members of the sure thing you’ve backed on behalf of the club. If any of them like the bet they may just back it themselves too, but should they consider it a fools punt, they’ll be bagging you all the way to the barrier. Have fun!

For more check the FAQ.