Ladbrokes System Update – Punt Club

Hey Guys. You hopefully all received a notification from Ladbrokes about their system upgrade outage. The good news is their kit will be faster better stronger than before. The bad news is that there are a few teething problems that Ladbrokes (and therefore we/you) are trying to work through.

Ladbrokes Login/Linking Problems

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of the iOS or Android app.

If you are trying to get a bet on for the club, you’ll need to re-link your personal Laddies account to your club (just enter your personal Ladbrokes UserID and password in their window) and you’ll get in OK. If you don’t remember your personal login, contact Ladbrokes on 1300 523 276 or use their password reminder link.

If you want to click through to place a personal bet you’ll get to their home page and just need to login as normal – Ladbrokes personal sessions now expire regularly, so you may need to login again in future.

If you have any dramas, you can try the following steps:

  • If using the app, try firing up in the browser on your phone and sync your account.
  • If you’re on the website, try clearing your cache and logging back into
  • Still having issues? If it’s a problem on the Ladbrokes site, you can contact them on 1300 523 276 or via their website. If it’s an issue on Punt Club or getting access to your club then you can contact us via support, but give us a heads up on what you’re using (iOS/Android or Web) and where you’re getting stuck. The more info you can hand over, the quicker we can help out.

Personal Betting vs Club Betting

Until the full site migration is done, there are two Ladbrokes websites that you’ll find yourself on. There’s the new site for personal betting…

And there is the old site for club betting…

The old site that you know (and love?)

We’re expecting the full site migration to be done by March 2020, but in the mean time you will notice some differences in available markets and promotions between the two sites. If you can grin and bear it for another few weeks (like we are), the wait to get your club on the new site will be worth it.

Club Betting – Not Logged In or App flashing

If you get to the club betting Ladbrokes site and you’re not logged in, or the app starts flashing, something might have gone wrong with your club session. Easy to fix:

In the iOS app – log out and back into the app.

On the website or Android app – go Account Settings and Relink Ladbrokes Account.

Bet Results

Some bets are being resulted a little slower since the upgrade (this is a temporary thing though). If your bet should have resulted by now, check the Ladbrokes website.

If it hasn’t resulted on Ladbrokes yet, or it has but you haven’t got your payout, then contact Ladbrokes Customer Support on 1300 523 276 or via their website.

If it’s resulted on Ladbrokes but isn’t appearing in Punt Club yet, give it up to 30 minutes as sometimes we don’t get notified immediately. If it’s still not appearing – or you’re keen to immediately re-invest in the next race and need those fun tickets, give our support staff a yell and we’ll get it sorted for you.

If you have a query about a payout amount or an incorrect result, you’ll need to chase that up with Ladbrokes themselves as we don’t handle the odds or the payouts ourselves.

Please also note this whole exercise is stretching us pretty thin, so many thanks in advance for your patience as we are suffering with you. 

Jason Neave
Head Punter