Ladbrokes – Punt Club

LADBROKES & PUNT CLUB – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ladbrokes?

Our members have been asking for a little more choice in wagering partners, so after running the ruler over a couple of options and we found that Ladbrokes had a great product offering and a management team supportive of what we were doing. We have a good relationship with Luxbet and will continue to work with them, and users will have the choice of who they go with when first setting up their club.

Can we bet with both Ladbrokes and Luxbet?

Unfortunately not at this stage. Club accounts are established with a wagering partner and it is too difficult to move credit between operators who effectively compete with each other. In the future it may be possible to let punters choose a bookie on a bet by bet basis, however that is not in our current plans.

Can I change my club from Luxbet to Ladbrokes?

No. If you would like to give Laddies a go you would have to start a new club with them. That could mean leaving your existing club running with Luxbet and starting one in parallel with Ladbrokes, or closing/leaving your Luxbet club and starting fresh with Ladbrokes. We cannot migrate your stats or bet history across – it would be a clean slate.

What products does Ladbrokes offer?

We think they’ve got a great range of money back specials and competitive signup bonuses and their Odds Boost is awesome. Check out their full range at

Are we entitled to a bonus if we start a new club with Ladbrokes?

First deposit and other bonuses are governed by the National Gambling Framework which prohibits the offering of inducements for new accounts.

Can I use the Ladbrokes App?

For personal betting, yes, but not for club betting at this stage. We are working on deep linking so that you will be able to place club bets via their apps with either Ladbrokes or Luxbet (who also have a great new app) although this is a little ways off yet. You will still be able to download both apps and punt with your personal account funds at anytime (personal wagering activity is not shared with other club members).