Punters Clubs for Offices – Punt Club

Once upon a time the office social club was the centre of the known universe. It freely annexed peoples pay at the princely rate of $3 a fortnight, and funded dozens of bottles of Carrington Blush to mix with the OJ concentrate at the Melbourne Cup do or the office Christmas party. We dare say it also contributed to one or two water cooler snogs, but in more recent times the social club seems about as common and adored as adult circumcision. Let Punt Club change all that – for free – and put your office Christmas party (and the snogging) in overdrive by using a punters club to build a war chest to spend on a right proper knees-up with your workmates.

Punting and saving at the same time?

People are quick to scoff at the idea that you can save money having a punt. We don’t profess for a second that punting is an investment strategy, but it’s a simple fact that the average office club with 20 bods throwing in just $25 a fortnight and having a laugh on the punt for a year, will have over $10000 in their kitty come Christmas.

How? 20 members x $25 x 26 fortnights = $13000. The average bookie margin over time is less than 10%, so even if your office has some complete muppets on the punt and you allow for double those losses, there will still be over $10,000 (or $500 a head), to put toward things much fancier than cheese and cabana (not that there’s anything wrong with cabana – where did that stuff go?).

How Does It Work?

Punt Club was setup to let more people experience the joy of betting with their mates towards a common goal, but without the admin nightmare that goes with it. Our platform

  • collects the money automatically
  • supports the typical bet-some-bank-some approach of most clubs
  • reminds you when it’s your turn to bet
  • handles the betting itself
  • tells all members what you’re backing and whether it won
  • tracks performance of club members on a leaderboard
  • facilitates and encourages banter amongst the group
  • helps the captain get approvals on withdrawals or purchases
  • manages the divvy up of cash at the end of your season

The whole palaver is handled automatically – all that’s left for you to do is decide what your are going to do with the money. And let’s face it, while you might not have enough to get Beyonce to headline the show nude, 10,000 fun tickets goes a long way to a cracking good time with the crew from accounts.

Sign me up, Scotty.

Getting amongst it is as easy as firing up your browser (and if you’re reading this there’s a fair chance you’ve already got it open!). Just *Start a Club,* and follow the prompts. This might just be the start of something beautiful.