Punters Clubs for Wagering Operators – Punt Club

Punt Club is a social wagering platform that helps bookmakers win more loyal customers for less money than traditional marketing channels. We also bring the fun back into betting, making it more like the much-loved social entertainment experience involving sharing a beer and a bet with a few mates in our fave front bar.

And our software is also a pretty complex beast, so instead of locking your developers in a room for a year or two and hoping they get it right first time, get in touch to learn how we can plug Punt Club into your back end (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

How Does It Work?

Punt Club was setup to let more people experience the joy of betting with their mates towards a common goal, but without the admin nightmare that goes with it. Our platform

  • collects the money automatically
  • supports the typical bet-some-bank-some approach of most clubs
  • reminds you when it’s your turn to bet
  • handles the betting itself
  • tells all members what you’re backing and whether it won
  • tracks performance of club members on a leaderboard
  • facilitates and encourages banter amongst the group
  • helps the captain get approvals on withdrawals or purchases
  • manages the divvy up of cash at the end of your season Sign me up, Scotty.

Email us at bookieslove@puntclub.com, or get all old-school and pick up the phone – you’ll find us wherever we are on 08 8120 4880. Go on, this might just be the start of something beautiful.