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Official Punters Club Coffs Harbour Cup Day 2020 

Brought to you by Racing Rant and Coffs Harbour Race Club

Join four Pro Punters on Coffs Harbour Cup Day, August 6th, 2020 for a fun filled day of education, engagement, explanation of why bets were placed, chat, interaction, videos and notifications.

Shares are $25 each, capped at a max buy in of 20 shares per person which is $500. All bets will be placed on the considered consensus of the 4 nominated professional punters agreeing, they will do this via www.ladbrokes.com.au which is an approved and licensed wagering partner in Australia. The expert punters panel will focus the majority of their wagering on the Coffs Harbour Cup 2020 meeting conducted on the 6th August but will also be placing bets should they arise around other meetings run on the day. 

Expert Punters Panel – Racing Rant Team

The guys bring a wealth of racing and punting experience to the Punters Club and are all members of www.racingrant.com.au

  • Marc Lambourne
  • Gordon Sutherland
  • Glenn Pollett
  • Nigel Chaplin

Marc Lambourne:

‘The professor’ of race odds. Marc Lambourne has been the most respected price analysts on NSW provincial and metropolitan races since the late ’80s. His price assessments are used by bookmakers and professional punters and now shares his ‘pearls of wisdom’ with members of his subscription-based business Racing Rant. Marc has influenced many of Australia’s leading form analysts today.


Racing Rant’s bold and brash panelist. Gord is not afraid to call “a moral, a moral”. His ‘don’t think just bet’ approach has proven very successful for him and his legions of fans. His selection process has ruffled the feathers of more ‘seasoned’ racing folk in recent times, however, don’t let Gord fool you. He’s extremely well researched and understands betting psychology like few others. 

Glenn Pollett:

What a marvel. Glenn Pollett is said to be Australia’s leading Mounting Yard expert having spent his entire life travelling to race tracks watching the horses’ parade. Glenn’s rare skill to identify key traits in the parade ring has allowed him to sustain a life as a professional punter. While ‘irreverent’ at times Glenn calls it as he sees it and has provided countless hours of entertainment for the Racing Rant community.

Nigel Chaplin:

A protege of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ Racing Rant has delivered over the past decade, Nigel is a serious punter who uses guile and intuition to identify talented horses that have been undervalued by the market. Self-described as a ‘punting nerd’, Nigel lives and breathes thoroughbred racing and loves to bring together every aspect of the form to find a winner.

 What to expect?

  • Considered opinion and research on what goes into the expert panel deciding to place bets on the club before each race.
  • Review of each race at Coffs Harbour and associated bets on the results and performance.
  • Form factor discussion around video, speed maps, jockey/trainer combinations, track bias, ratings, sectionals and time data, mounting yard parade and even some gut feel.
  • Bets, results, and updates will be sent as close to real time as possible via push message and email and within the Punt Club app. 
  • Race previews, speed Maps, selections, live Bets with pool updates. All efforts will be done to ensure these are sent as fast as possible for club members.
  • Some video content from renowned racing identities to give more insight into the great game of racing and punting.
  • All views presented throughout the day via social media or video do not represent those of our sponsors or partners. The panel and guests will be in battle wagering away and trying to show a profit for members and at times may get excited and the language may reflect that of being at the football or in fact at the races in the ring or cheering from the bar.
  • Shares can be purchased from Wednesday 8th July 2020.
  • Shares will stop being sold at 8pm 5th August 2020. Should the Punters Club pool reach a size of $500,000 before the 5th August 2020 they will stop being sold.  
  • Betting for the club will conclude by 6pm 6th August 2020.
  • Any remaining funds within the Punters Club pool will be paid out in shares based on a members original outlay per share at 8pm 6th August 2020.

Wagering Partner

Punt Club is a social betting service designed to make running punters clubs easier than ever before. We’ve automated all of the labour intensive financial management and communication challenges and made betting easy. Punt Club simply handles all the group finances, reporting and communications – we are not a wagering operator. We provide integration with Ladbrokes that make your punters club experience seamless and secure, while complying with all the relevant regulatory requirements. 

Strategy and Plan

The expert panel will be betting a % of the bank and staking proportionately pending confidence levels. You will get a detailed explanation before each bet is placed as to the reasons why the runner (s), and why the bet type, and why the state size.

The betting will be for Thursday August 6th 2020 only. Results will be published after each race wagered in and at days end.

There is no guarantee or money back promises that the punters will produce a winning dividend. This is not an investment with guaranteed returns although best endeavours will be carried out for diligent bet placement, bankroll management and full transparency.

How to Join the Club?

1.  Sign up and register a punt club account.

2.  Create a new Ladbrokes account or link an existing Ladbrokes account to your Punt Club account. This will enable you to be paid quickly any funds from the Punters Club at 8pm on Thursday the 6th of August 2020, meaning you will have the ability to access funds that night.

3.  Choose a share amount. Minimum buy in amount $25 (1 share) with a max of $500 (20 shares) per registered member.

4.  Deposit money to pay for shares selected. These will close at 8pm on Wednesday the 5th August 2020. 

5.  You will receive an email confirmation as receipt of purchase and will also contain further instructions about the Punters Club. 

6.  Each paid member of the Punters Club will be able to access the Punt Club Dashboard for the club and any other chat rooms or streams that may be setup in order to maximise the Punters Club experience on the day. These will be communicated closer to the event. Head to www.puntclub.com.au via website or Punt Club app to access the dashboard and also to receive push messages. We have the ability to both remove members from the group and control comments and posts made if done so in an abusive and disrespectful manner but would hope that all participants show some restraint and respect with all posts to make it an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all.

7. Please note if you have self-excluded or closed your Ladbrokes account do not enter or try to join the club as a member. You will have your payment refunded back onto the card. We have to be very strict here with regard to responsible gambling and compliance. Please Gamble Responsibly. Call Gamblers Help 1800 858 858. 

8. The Punters club is strictly for people aged 18 years and over. 

To view www.puntclub.com websites terms and conditions or privacy policy click the following link https://www.puntclub.com/terms/

To view www.puntclub.com websites FAQ’s click the following link https://www.puntclub.com/faq/

To view www.ladbrokes.com websites terms and conditions click the following link https://www.ladbrokes.com.au/rules-terms-and-conditions

Please Gamble Responsibly. Call Gamblers Help 1800 858 858


Before using this service, please make sure that you note the following important information.

No Investment Advice

Punt Club is to be used and must be used for entertainment purposes only. Punt Club is not an investment advisor and does not offer any investment products. We have no access to nonpublic information about sporting event outcomes. We are an entertainment product for the administration of punters clubs (social wagering syndicates) and we do not provide opinions or recommendations as to whether a selection made on our platform has any guarantee of success. 

No reliance

Accordingly, we will not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the shares in the Punters Club?

Shares are $25 per share.

Can I buy an unlimited amount of shares?

No, you can’t. The max amount of shares per person is 20 which is a total spend per person of $500. 

When will shares stop selling?

Shares will stop being sold at 8 pm Wednesday 5th August 2020 which is the night before Cup day. Shares will also stop selling should the Punters Club pool get to $500,000.

When will the punters club funds be transferred back to members after the punting has finished?

Whatever amount of money is in the punters club pool once the betting has concluded on the 6th August 2020 on Coffs Harbour Cup day will be dispersed equally based on shares purchased per member at 8 pm Thursday 6th August 2020 into the members verified Ladbrokes account. From there the member has any number of withdrawal options to access their money.

Do I need to have a Ladbrokes account to join the punters club?

Yes, this way we can verify you are 18yo and also covers compliance with responsible gambling. The other reason is so that funds can be transferred the same day as the punters club is run back to your account.

You will need to link an existing Ladbrokes account to your Punt Club account or, create a new Ladbrokes account and link it to Punt Club. We will help you through this process within the Punt Club experience. 

Who is placing the bets for the Punters Club?

The professional punters from the Racing Rant team – Marc Lambourne, Gord, Glenn Pollett, and Nigel Chaplin will be doing the form and the guys responsible for placing the bets on behalf of the club.

Will I be able to place any bets for the punters club?

No, all bets will be placed by the pro punters from the Racing Rant Team, but you will have the opportunity to ask form and punting questions to the expert panel all the way throughout the day. You may be able to steer the pro’s in the right direction!

Can I pull my money out at any stage during the day of the Punters Club?

No, the funds are all part of the Punters Club pool for the day’s betting activities. Any and all funds remaining in the club will be dispersed equally based on shares purchased per member at 8 pm Thursday 6th August 2020 into the members verified Ladbrokes account. From there the member has any number of withdrawal options to access their money.

If I am self-excluded or have a closed Ladbrokes account can I join?

No, please don’t join. If you do we will by law be forced to refund your purchase.

How will I know which bets have been placed and what our results are?

These will be published and updated in close to real-time via the punt club site and app, on the club dashboard, by push message and email whilst also being posted on other social channels. We will do our best to communicate these as quickly both before and after each race as possible.

Are there any betting guarantees for this Rant Academy Punters Club?

No, it would be irresponsible to make claims that the club will definitely show a profit, but please be assured that the professional punters from the Racing Rant team are taking this extremely seriously and staking their reputation and years of experience on making this club and Rant Academy an enjoyable experience with the aim to educate, entertain and engage with the members while doing everything possible to show a profit for the day without guaranteeing it.

Will the Punters Club still go ahead should the Coffs Harbour Cup meeting be postponed or abandoned?

Yes, We will still run the punters club on the day across whatever meetings are run in Australia as the professional punting team at Racing Rant will be covering the form at all meetings around the country searching for what they consider the right bets.

As a member, can I post comments on the wall?

Yes, although please do so in a fun and respectful manner. We do have the ability to remove you from commenting if deemed abusive and/or inappropriate.

I am having trouble and need some help?

Head to www.puntclub.com live chat or email goodblokesbet@puntclub.com and we will help you with any query that arises as quickly as possible.

Please do not contact Ladbrokes or Racing Rant team as Punt Club are happy to answer all queries and make your experience an enjoyable one. We hope to do many of these for major carnivals and will do our best to get things right and listen to any questions members may have.