Responsible Gambling – Punt Club


For the majority of people, gambling is an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity. But for some, gambling can have negative impacts. As a result, Ladbrokes has developed this policy to communicate our approach to responsible gambling and minimising harm to consumers who may be vulnerable to problem gambling. Ladbrokes betting operations are governed by this policy, the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice Notice and the Northern Territory Code of Practice of Responsible Online Gambling.


“Responsible Gambling” is a broad concept that aims to ensure gambling is conducted in a manner whereby the potential for harm associated with problem gambling is minimised. It respects the responsibility of individuals for their own actions, but also acknowledges a responsibility on the part of service providers.

Responsible gambling has regard to the context in which gambling occurs, the inducements made to gamble, the way the gambling service operates and the integrity of the gambling operator.

The aim is to enable persons to make informed decisions about their participation in gambling and, if harm has occurred, to access gambling help services.



Problem gambling occurs when a person loses control over their gambling, particularly the scope and frequency of gambling, the amount of money gambled and the amount of time devoted to gambling. The negative consequences of problem gambling may include:

  • the punter suffering excessive financial losses relative to the gambler’s means (including unpaid household bills, credit card debts or loans);
  • adverse personal effects on the punter (such as anxiety, depression or stress) and/or their family;
  • adverse affects on employment and work performance (including missing work or having trouble concentrating at work);
  • losing the ability to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle due to spending an excessive amount of time gambling;
    regretting the amount of time lost or wasted due to gambling; and
  • other costs which are borne by the community.

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