The Punt Club Story. Short n Sweet. – Punt Club

As veterans of a few offline Punt Clubs, our founders were as aware of the admin nightmare as of the amount of fun to be had in being part of a club.  It was mildy annoying that bookies wouldn’t openly give you a group account, and unfortunate that one poor bastard always carried the can of organising these things.

Lots of people ask what on earth drove us to build a system that allows friends to bet together. It’s too niche they say, there’s too much competition they say, you might get hit by a bus they say. Bollocks to them, we say.

There was also the West Indies. $20 a week, and two and a half years of weekly joy and despair as the club won or lost, somehow turned into a kitty large enough to buy 16 mates from all four corners of the world tickets, accommodation and variable other looseness in the West Indies for the cricket World Cup. Along with it being one of those amazing life experiences you carry with you until you die, came the realisation that as a group we spent a lot of money. A shitload of money in fact.

From there it seemed that there might be a business in making Punt Clubs easier to run, and such life experiences easier to achieve for more people. Whether we’re right or not, only time will tell. But we reckon it will be fun having a crack.