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How much are the shares in the Punters Club?

Shares are $20 per share.

Can I buy an unlimited amount of shares?

No, you can’t. The max amount of shares per person is 25 which is a total spend per person of $500. We have kept this in line with responsible wagering. We take it seriously and want our members to stay in control.

When will shares stop selling?

Shares will stop being sold at 10 am Saturday, 16th October 2021. The club is capped at a balance of $500,000. Shares will stop being sold at this point should they be reached.

How long does the Club run for?

The club runs for one day with betting set to commence from approximately 11 am to 6 pm Saturday 16th October  2021. 

When will the punters club funds be transferred back to members after the punting has finished?

Whatever funds remain in the club balance once TheMailBag has stopped betting for the day and all pending bets have resulted, likely to be around  6:00 pm Saturday 16th October 2021 will be withdrawn and distributed based on shares bought into the club per member to their linked Ladbrokes account.

Do I need to have a Ladbrokes account to join the punters club?

Yes, this way we can verify you are 18yo and also covers compliance with AML and responsible gambling. The other reason is so that funds can be transferred when the club finishes up and money is back into your account.

You will need to link an existing Ladbrokes account to your Punt Club account or, create a new Ladbrokes account and link it to Punt Club. We will help you through this process within the Punt Club experience when joining the club, and

Who is placing the bets for the Punters Club?

The club will be Captained by Jack Dickens from TheMailBag, and ably assisted by the pro punting and tipping team comprising;

  • Shane Ciurleo
  • Mark Rhoden
  • Mark Shean
  • Rob Scurry
  • Pete Anthonisz 
  • Jackson Oldham

Will I be able to place any bets for the punters club?

No, all bets will be placed by Club Captain Jack Dicken and The MailBag Team but you will have the opportunity to stay in touch by following the action through the Punt Club dashboard, notifications, and respective social media streams/channels. We will also be doing a club member survey on Friday to get some best bets and quaddie selection from you so there is definitely some engagement and involvement in the bets from members.

You are also more than welcome to contribute some suggested bets or tips for the guys and the club via the Punt Club dashboard and comments section, which is part of the fun of a big punters club after all!

Can I pull my money out at any stage during the day of the Punters Club?

No, the funds are all part of the Punters Club pool for the day’s betting activities. Leave Club functionality will be disabled. Whatever funds remain in the club balance once TheMailBag has stopped betting for the day and all pending bets have resulted, likely to be around  6:00 pm Saturday 16th October 2021 will be withdrawn and distributed based on shares bought into the club per member to their linked Ladbrokes account. From there the member has any number of withdrawal options with our approved licenced wagering partners at Ladbrokes to access their money.

Do I need to turn over any funds that are transferred to my verified Ladbrokes account after the club finishes?

No, given the club funds have been turned over as part of the larger punters club pool there is no issue with withdrawing the funds.

If I am self-excluded or have a closed Ladbrokes account can I join?

No, please don’t join. If you do we will by law be forced to refund your purchase.

How will I know which bets have been placed and what our results are?

These will be published and updated in close to real-time via the punt club site and app, on the club dashboard, by push message and email whilst also being posted on other social streams/channels. We will do our best to communicate these as quickly both before and after each race/event as possible. As a member, you also have control of the notifications you wish to receive in the Account Settings section.

Are there any betting guarantees for this Punters Club?

No, it would be irresponsible to make claims that the club will show a profit, but please be assured the Captain and Expert panel of Tipsters on the team are taking this extremely seriously and want to make this club an enjoyable experience to educate, entertain and engage with the members while doing everything possible to show a profit for the day without guaranteeing it.

As a member, can I post comments on the Club dashboard wall?

Yes, although please do so in a fun and respectful manner. We do have the ability as moderator/admin to remove you from the club and commenting if deemed abusive and/or inappropriate. One of the big aims of the day is to have fun as a big group especially as many can’t get to the track so let’s make it enjoyable for all!

I am trying to sign up for the club but it is telling me to start my own club?

When a customer is asked to ‘create’ their own club, it is because you have registered directly with Punt Club before Joining the club. 

If you join by hitting the “SIGN UP” button on the Club invitation page, then choose “REGISTER to Join the Club”.

How do I control my notifications settings and preferences?

Just log into your punt club account and go to Account Settings then Notifications and you can control from there;

I have bought shares but want to purchase more?

Great, just log in to your punt club account then go to manage subscriptions and select the “Purchase more Shares” option for the Club;

I am having trouble and need some help?

Head to live chat or email and we will help you with any query that arises as quickly as possible.

Note – Please do not contact Ladbrokes or TheMailBag where possible as Punt Club are happy to answer all queries and make your experience an enjoyable one. We hope to do many of these for major carnivals and will do our best to get things right and listen to any questions or feedback members may have.

Terms and Conditions

We have created the World’s Biggest Punters Club to be run Everest and Caulfield Cup Saturday 16th October 2021. TheMailBag pro punters and tipsters led by Jack Dickens and ably assisted by the panel of prod Shane Ciurleo, Mark Rhoden, Mark Shean, Rob Scurry, Jackson Oldham and Pete Anthonisz. We want to put on a show and create some history getting as big a group of punters into the one club to enjoy a huge day of racing in Australia, especially with many unable to get trackside due to covid!

See below for some key info on the club:

  • Name of Club: World’s Biggest Punters Club.
  • Shares: $20 each.
  • Max Buy-In: 25 shares per club member (total spend is $500).
  • Total Pool capped at $500,000.
  • Captain of Club: Jack Dickens 
  • TheMailBag Team of pro punters and tipsters: Shane Ciurleo, Mark Rhoden, Mark Shean, Rob Scurry, Jackson Oldham and Pete Anthonisz.
  • WBPC Stream Host – Gareth Hall.
  • The campaign launch date is Wednesday 8th September 2021.
  • Shares go on sale at 10 am Wednesday 8th September 2021.
  • Shares stop being sold at 10 am Saturday 16th October 2021.
  • Club Balance (if any) withdrawn and disbursed to members accounts: When all bets resulted, approximately 6:30 pm Saturday 16th October 2021, into club members linked Ladbrokes accounts.

We are hopeful to have a few thousand members join the inaugural World’s Biggest Punters Club this Spring and make it a bi-annual event each Autumn and Spring following the big racing carnivals in Australia. We want you to join in the fun, and offer your advice, or throw some banter at TheMalBag crew. All the bets will be placed with Ladbrokes so you will need to have an account with them to link or create a new one so you can get paid out into your linked Ladbrokes account (hopefully fuller!) Saturday night when the club wraps up at the end of the races Everest Day.

Shares are $20 each, capped at a max buy-in of 25 shares per person which is $500 total per member. All bets will be placed on the considered judgement of Captain Jack Dickens and TheMailBag team. Hopefully, some of the members of the club can also share some good tips for the guys to look at as we have some fun together.

What to expect? 

  • Considered opinion and research on what goes into finalising bets for the club. Some form and bet comments will be placed on the club’s dashboard so everyone gets an insight into why the bets were made.
  • Bets and results will be sent as close to real-time as possible via push message, email, and within the Punt Club site/app along with some updates across the social channels of Punt Club and TheMailBag.
  • All content and views presented via social media or video do not represent those of our sponsors or partners. The Captain and MailBag team will be in battle wagering away on behalf of the club and members trying to show a profit and at times some may get excited and the language may reflect that of being at the football or in fact at the races in the ring or cheering from the bar. Views and language are their own.
  • The Punters Club opens and shares are available from 10 am Wednesday 8th September 2021 to 10 am Saturday, 16th October 2021.
  • Shares stop being sold at 10 am Saturday, 16th October 2021. The club is capped at a balance of $500,000.
  • Members of the club that aren’t funded or not linked to Ladbrokes will be removed from 10:30 am Saturday 16th October 2021 due to RG, AML and compliance reasons.
  • Punters Club betting runs for 1 day, from approximately 11 am Saturday 16th October 2021.
  • Whatever funds remain in the Club Balance (if any) are withdrawn and disbursed to members accounts: When all bets resulted, approximately 6:30 pm Saturday 16th October 2021, into club members linked Ladbrokes accounts.

Wagering Partner 

Punt Club is a social betting service designed to make running punters clubs easier than ever before. We’ve automated all of the labour-intensive financial management and communication challenges and made betting easy. Punt Club simply handles all the group finances, reporting and communications – we are not a wagering operator. We provide integration with Ladbrokes that make your punter’s club experience seamless and secure while complying with all the relevant regulatory requirements. 

Strategy & Plan 

Jack Dicken and TheMailBag team of pro punters and tipsters Shane Ciurleo, Mark Rhoden, Mark Shean, Rob Scurry, Jackson Oldham, and Pete Anthonisz will be betting a % of the bank and staking proportionately pending confidence levels. You can follow the thinking process through TheMailBag and Punt Club social channels as well as the club’s dedicated dashboard on the Punt Club app/site. 

There is no guarantee or money back promises that the club will produce a winning dividend. This is not an investment with guaranteed returns although best endeavours will be carried out for diligent bet placement, bankroll management and full transparency. 

How to Join the Club? 

1. Sign up and register a punt club account. 

2. Create a new Ladbrokes account or link an existing Ladbrokes account to your Punt Club account. This will enable you to be paid quickly for any funds from the Punters Club at approximately 6:30 pm Saturday 16th October 2021, when betting is finished and resulted, meaning you will have the ability to access funds that night after the club wraps up.

3. Choose a share amount. The minimum buy-in amount is $20 (1 share) with a max buy-in of $500 (25 shares) per registered member. 

4. Deposit money to pay for shares selected. Shares will stop being sold at 10 am Saturday 16th October 2021. The Club is capped at $500,000 in the club balance. 

5. You will receive an email confirmation as receipt of purchase and will also contain further instructions about the Punters Club. 

6. Each paid member of the Punters Club will be able to access the Punt Club Dashboard for the club to enjoy the Punters Club experience in the lead-up and on Saturday. Head to via the website or Punt Club app to access the dashboard and also to receive email and push messages. We can both remove members from the group and control comments and posts made if done so in an abusive and disrespectful manner but would hope that all participants show some restraint and respect with all posts to make it an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all. 

7. Please note if you have self-excluded or closed your Ladbrokes account do not enter or try to join the club as a member. You will have your payment refunded back onto the card. We must be very strict here concerning responsible gambling and compliance. Please Gamble Responsibly. Call Gamblers Help 1800 858 858. 

8. The Punters Club is strictly for people aged 18 years and over. 

9. By joining the club you consent to accept our terms and conditions (checkbox provided on the landing page at club sign up) which includes the sharing of member details with Punters Club partners.

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Please Gamble Responsibly. Call Gamblers Help 1800 858 858 


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